Heat-Resistant Steels
Heat Resistant

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Standard Heat-Resistant Products

CC-100 Series
Small Parts (washers, hooks, lift eyes, etc.)
CC-1000 Series Rollers
CC-2000 Series Trays & Spacer Grids
CC-3000 Series Rails & Carrier Components
CC-4000 Series Cast Basket Components
CC-4500 Series Cast Basket Assemblies
CC-5000 Series Chain Components
CC-6000 Series Cast Link Belt Component
CC-6500 Series Drive Drum Series
CC-7000 Series Fixtures
CC-8000 Series Return Bends
CC-9000 GVRT Tray, Shoes, Bars
CC-11000 Misc Series
CC-36000 Series Round Trays - Pit Furnace Grids



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